Special Erotic Massage #1 Bucharest Amazing Show

Special erotic massage

We vibe massage

1H / 1 girl / 550RON

Special erotic massage

Massage Premium

standard massage + vibrator show + striptease/ 1 girl/ 1H / 600 RON

Special erotic massage

Massage Gold

standard massage + erotic show + striptease / 2 girls / 1H /
1000 RON

Special erotic massage

Massage VIP

standard massage + striptease + erotic show + vibrator show / 2 girls / 1,5H / 1200 RON

Special erotic massage Bucharest

Special erotic massage Bucharest is a service offered by the most beautiful masseuses from Secret Massage through which you will explore an experience full of extreme eroticism. Choosing this service requires a faster passage over the relaxation part to reach the climax as quickly as possible. The beginning of a special erotic massage Bucharest performed body to body in the most sensual way. 

The movements will arouse your senses and you have nothing else to do but enjoy it. An experience of this kind put into practice by beautiful masseuses intelligent and with attitude through the most interesting techniques. We expect you to have an experience you will never forget and you will want to repeat it with the beautiful girls you will find at Secret Massage.

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